Identification through facial biometrics
3D Identification
Unlike traditional methods, 3D identification uses three-dimensional facial recognition technology to capture and analyze a person's facial features in detail.
3D biometric verification.
Works with glasses, makeup, and even beards.
Detects deepfakes.
Available from administrator, APIs, and SDK.
Validation of over 800 identity documents covering all of Latin America.
Use Cases
Customer onboarding
Selfie identification
Our platform uses facial recognition technology to compare the user's selfie with their identity document, ensuring an accurate match.
Biometric verification against the identity document.
Only requires a photograph.
Sent via SMS.
Video identification
The video identification process is simple and fast. The user only needs to record a short video following the provided instructions. Our system carefully examines facial features, expressions, and movements to ensure they match the data on the identity document.
Biometric verification against the identity document.
Requires a video.
Has liveness detection.
Sent via SMS.
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